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Weekly Events at Heartspace

Crystal Tones Alchemy Bowl Sound Circle with Terri Coddington

Sound Healing, Meditation, Crystals Tones Alchemy Bowl, Bowl Circle, Sound HealingSaturdays 5:00 – 6:00 pm ~ $10.00

Thursdays 7:00 – 8:00 pm ~ $10.00 (Starts the first week of July)

The bowl circle at Heartspace is designed to bring healing, balance, and peace into people’s lives. Join us for an hour and feel the crystalline vibrations of the exquisite Alchemy™ Crystal Tone Alchemy Bowls. Relax and restore as Terri guides you into a deep meditation that creates visualizations for healing, manifestation, abundance, and inner peace as the healing tones being played restore you to balance. This is a truly one of a kind experience offered only at Heartspace.

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Psychic Development with Jennifer Kay

Psychic Development, Psychic Readings, Intuitive learning, Psychic Protection, ClassTuesdays from 7:00- 8:30 PM.

Do you know things without knowing how you know? Do synchronicities keep happening? Are you interested in learning about how to expand your intuition? Psychic development is for you! This class is for people just starting to learn to use their intuition,  people who want to better understand the messages they are getting, and people that want to practice and further an established intuitive gift. Join us for a great evening of learning, laughing, and sharing.

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Special Events at Heartspace

Numerology with Paul Fraley

July 09, 2017 * July 23, 2017 * Aug 06, 2017
from 1 – 4pm
$150 for the three part series.

Numerology can help you understand and enrich your romantic relationships, advance your career, improve family connections, and recognize patterns needed for good health. People find that after they use Numerology to understand their lives, communication with friends, family, and co-workers is greatly improved. Numerology is a fantastic tool for healing the self and others.

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Reiki One with Michelle Griffin

July 16, 2017
12pm-5 pm
$125 for Reiki 1

 In Reiki 1, you will

  • Explore the applications of Reiki through discussion
  • Receive attunements to empower you as a conduit for channeling life-force energy
  • Practice Reiki on yourself and others.

A certificate will be issued upon completion.

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Psychic Fair and Trunk Show

July 29, 2017 11:00 AM  – 8:00 PM
– first come first serve.

Join us for lots of fun and sharing.

Readings with Jennifer Kay, Mr. Jayson, Colleen Casey,  Josh Stanley, and Elaine T.

Beth will be available for creative inspiration!

Chair massage with Vanessa. Bowl sessions and messages with Terri.

Sidewalk Art with Ashley and other featured artists!

$1 per minute discounted pricing on readings and services.

Von will bring her crystal and gem treasures for a magical trunk show.

Select Bowls for sale!!!

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Achemy Healing Bowls

Healing Alchemy Bowls and Sound Temple

HeartSpace is proud to announce our Crystal Tones Alchemy Sound Temple. Visit and let the powerful sound waves embrace the physical body and energy field, gently activating transformation.

Hypnosis Room at HeartSpace


Hypnosis, a relaxed, focused state of concentration, is not a new modality of treatment. Under a variety of names, hypnosis has been known and utilized for millennia as a means of influencing human behavior.



The Life Connection Stargate is a profoundly transformative modality that combines the Dominus Cervix crystal glass orbs and sacred geometry with the tones and vibrations of the encoded music of the Dominus Cervix meditation CD.

Version 2

Psychic Readings

HeartSpace has over 22 years providing customers with the best psychic readings.  Do you want to understand what Spirit has in store for you?  Contact us for a reading.

About HeartSpace

HeartSpace began as Mind Body Soul llc. in July of 1994. The inspiration to create the store blossomed from a desire and hope in the mind of Terri Codrington, and she chose to make her dream a reality. She was at a crossroads in her life and wanted to do what she loved as a life mission. With countless hours of encouragement from incredibly special friends and equal hours of hard work, Terri and her husband, Jim, opened Mind Body Soul.

Mind Body Soul was a store started with a hope and a prayer and now we have created a very well respected, heartwarming place to gather, shop, learn, share, and grow together physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

In 2011, we changed our name to HeartSpace. We felt it was necessary to expand our audience and thought that the name change would help facilitate this expansion. However, Mind Body Soul will always be our roots.

Our DCI Stargate was also added to the store in 2011. People came from all over the country to enjoy a session in the Stargate and still do today, helping us to continue to do our part in holding the Positive Energy and Love for our Planet. These sessions have been known to help relieve stress, assist in the alignment of your Life Purpose, and also provide countless other benefits.

Many services are offered here at HeartSpace. Psychic readings, Spiritual Counseling, Life Coaching, Energy Balancing Sessions, Crystal bowl Sound Bath Circles, Personal Sound healing sessions, Personal Hypnosis and Group Hypnosis sessions are all offered specialties.

We also sponsor speakers, teachers, and authors from all over the world to do workshops and seminars focused on self-development, self-empowerment, and Conscious and Quantum Living. HeartSpace also offers space for support groups and private meetings and supports Local Artists and Artisans. We love the opportunity to share their work with our clients and have receptions, book signings, and gatherings to meet said Artists and Artisans.

Along with these services, HeartSpace also has a unique product range, offering crystals, gemstones, candles, incense, specialty gifts, artisan crafted jewelry, jewelry with a purpose and meaning, art, message decks, divination decks, cards, hand crafted wands, Hypnosis CDs by Terri Coddington, Aromatherapy oils, and Specially selected Crystal Tones Alchemy Bowls.

Unique Gifts and Items for All Spiritual Paths

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