Therese Coddington, a wife, mother, and grandmother, is the founder of HeartSpace, formerly Mind Body Soul. The name changed as the center expanded and became a gathering place for like-minded people to learn life lessons together. Whether a local resident or an international guest, anyone can enjoy the ambiance of HeartSpace, a sanctuary supporting his/her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

Therese grew up with open-minded parents who admired and encouraged her unique perspective of others and the world around her. Due to death of her mother in 1981, Therese began studying mystical methodologies to help herself and others in their personal growth and an entire new world was opened up to her. After gaining proper knowledge of techniques and experiential wisdom, Therese began teaching others what she had learned.

One of these techniques was hypnotism. Therese was certified as a professional hypnotist by the National Guild of Hypnotists in 1994, the same year Mind Body Soul opened. In order to achieve her certification, Terri utilized the Silva Method of Mind Development and Stress Control that she taught for 8 years, one of many workshops that she used. She was later awarded for being an outstanding lecturer in the US by SMCI.

Therese has continued to be student and teacher throughout the years. If you are in need of assistance during challenging times or simply desire to facilitate your own growth, you will find that Terri is a valuable Life Coach with experience in many different healing modalities and someone who is happy to help guide you on your journey.

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