Crystal Tones Alchemy Bowl Temple at HeartSpace.

In 2014, HeartSpace was offered the opportunity to be an authorized Temple for Crystal Tones Alchemy Crystal Bowls. This honor was initiated by Jan Tober, a spiritual partner in the Kryon Writings and co-author of the Indigo Children bestselling books. Under the personal guidance ofLupito, the owner of Crystal Tones, Terri was personally advised, taught, and continues to be guided, even with the honorary title of Crystal Alchemy Bowl Master. We invite you to experience this harmonic resonance of your mind, body, and soul. It will be a delight to welcome you to our Sound Temple.

Purchase a Healing Bowl

If you’re interested in purchasing a singing bowl, we have selected a group of Crystal Tones Alchemy and Classic Frosted Bowls for purchase, each as unique as you are. We personally consult you to help you find bowls that capture your heart, match your needs, and are within your price range. The best way to do so is by hearing and feeling the vibrations of each bowl until you find one that suits you. When you find a Crystal Tones Alchemy or Classic Frosted Bowl that you like, Terri will attune your new tool of transformation to your energy and will show you the basics of how to play your new treasure. You will also receive instructions about how to care for your bowl.

Crystal Tones Healing Circle

The bowl circle at Heartspace is designed to bring balance and peace into people’s life. Come feel the crystalline vibrations of the exquisite Alchemy™ Crystal Tone Alchemy Bowls. Relax and restore as Terri guides you into a deep meditation that creates visualizations for healing, manifestation, abundance, and inner peace as the healing tones restore you to balance. This is a truly one of a kind experience offered only at Heartspace.
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Sound Temple at HeartSpace

PHR Personal Harmonic Resonance Private Sessions

Private Sessions with the Crystal Bowls by appointment.
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