Intuitive Soul Mastery with Nigel Taylor

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Intuitive Soul Mastery
Nigel Taylor
January 12-14, 2018

7:00 PM ~ 10:00 PM Fri
10:00 AM ~ 6:00 PM Sat & Sun

** Limited attendance group weekend**

Develop indisputable skills to open the door to your psychic and intuitive powers…master your mind…stay always in your calm center… develop remote healing abilities to benefit self and other…clear limiting multi-dimensional energies across time and space…and much more!

– Develop Intuition and Psychic powers
– Facilitate Remote Healing
– Work with Soul Frequency Imprinting
– Excel in and benefit from Intuitive Problem Solving
– Access continuous states of Centered Calm
– Learn to enter meditation and sleep states easily
– Explore Inner Conscious Realms
– Connect to Spiritual Guides
– Free yourself from limiting internal and external thought forces
– Remove your Stress response (once and for all!)
– Journey into health and wellness
– Master life energies…your own and spiritual energies available to you
Capture the joy of knowing and feeling (not only believing) your inti-mate connection to all of creation…

The empowering wisdom and healing of mastering the thought energies and mental forces at play in the universe…

The bliss of connecting with higher dimensions of consciousness and receiving the guidance and Pure Love of Source…

Dear friends,

We are delighted to announce that Nigel will be returning to HeartSpace this October with an exciting weekend training for you!

This is a unique opportunity to attend a program with Nigel that draws from his lifetime of teaching. It offers us the knowledge, experience and skills required to truly LIVE WELL. AND, for those who practice in the Healing Arts, it will give you abilities to help others in ways unique and powerful. We will all gain the skills to help friends, family and loved ones to heal and live with joy.

Can you tell I’m excited? I am excited, because Nigel has shared with me what he will be teaching in this course, and I made the commitment – then and there- to do this for MYSELF and for ALL of you, because I know the difference it will make to our lives.

As an example, you will receive a practical and effective repertoire of techniques to apply – as a highly developed “Intuitive Guidance System” – for solving everyday problems, big challenges, and in guiding the course of your life, while assisting others to do the same.

During this weekend, you will come to know, learn and apply the laws of mind mastery and the keys to explore and gain assistance within the fields of higher consciousness. You will realize deeply your connection to Cosmic Consciousness and how you can journey into every moment of life with great flow and ease. Releasing the limitations imposed upon us by our own thoughts and those of others, to express our own true nature in miraculous ways. Relaxing into life and casting off the burden of stress to feel free and alive!

I encourage you to be part of this life changing weekend and embrace the beautiful treasures your future holds for you!

Please contact me at your earliest convenient to secure your place for this small group, special event with Nigel.

Join us for this Consciousness Expansion training and experience.

Love and Blessings,


**Limited attendance group weekend. Please contact HeartSpace at 317-889-3612 or at your earliest convenience!**

REGISTER: HeartSpace Tel: 317-889-3612

For previous ISM attendees, there is a special repeat privilege price for you. Call Therese for information. 317-908-3524

Personal note from Nigel and Regina!!!

We hope this finds you all well! Terri has given us the opportunity to say a personal “Hello!” to you all and also share some feedback received from those who have completed the Intuitive Soul Mastery training with Nigel – we are looking forward to seeing you October 27-29

We are delighted to be offering this powerful course and thrilled with the results people are reporting to us. Join us and embrace the life-changing tools you will receive to transform your life and engage a proven pathway which gives you access to your desired destiny.

Have a look at the messages below:

“Truly a life altering … Spiritually enlightening and uplifting experience. So grateful I listened to my guides and took this big step! Wow!! Wow! Wow!”

M.M. – Pennsylvania

“…I have to tell you that for me the weekend was life changing in such a beautiful way…For me personally the program really helped solidify my commitment to pursue and develop my mindfulness coaching. I have been feeling the call to develop it more and with that came some fear of the usual human facility!…

The introduction (to my Spiritual Master Guide) for me is so important as I now feel I this beautiful, reliable, master guide that I can confidently call on, and I know she’s there because I’ve met her!…This for me, I’ve got to tell you was the most crystalizing moment so far in realizing my connection to divine…

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