How Do You Know if You are Intuitive?

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It’s that feeling in your gut. The innate feeling that tells you to go for it  – or stay away. It’s immediately knowing that a person you meet is going to be a great friend or gives you the creeps. It’s as simple as that. There’s nothing weird or strange about it.
I think I always had a strong intuitive sense. I used to play games with it. I would give myself a choice; maybe it was a job or a social opportunity. A or B? What feels more comfortable, more real, and more vivid? Then, I tried guessing cards and colored balls in a bag. If I relaxed and didn’t try or concentrate, I could see a flash in my mind and was usually correct – about 90% of the time. It was enough to freak out my friends.Later, I would meet people and immediately know that they had problems that they needed help with. I could feel that their energy was “muddy” and within a few moments of speaking with them, I could “read” what their problem was and discuss a few options to relieve the situation. As I practice as opportunities present themselves, my “sight” gets stronger and clearer.

It really is a part of everyone

Intuition used to be called survival instinct or a “sixth sense”. This is how men in earlier times explained how they knew their were predators lurking or how a family member would awaken in time when their house was burning or someone was in danger. Everyone is intuitive to some degree. Some of us have a bigger head start than others, but it’s like any other talent. It takes development and practice. A great place to start is to come to a class that Jennifer and Terri are having on Tuesday nights called Psychic Development. Consider it play time for your intuition – that’s exactly what it feels like. The class gives you an hour and half to learn about your sixth sense and tap into a part of you that really wants to come out be a part of your life. It’s fun and interesting and you might be surprised at the insights you’ll receive from others and the gifts you have to give.

Psychic Development
Tuesdays 7:00-8:30 p.m. $10 per session.

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