Numerology Class with Paul Fraley

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Paul Fraley, Numerology InstructionSpend three weeks discovering a universal language that represents every person and situation in life. Numerology can help you understand and enrich your romantic relationships, advance your career, improve family connections, and recognize patterns needed for good health. People find that after they use Numerology to understand their lives, communication with friends, family, and co-workers is greatly improved. Numerology  is a fantastic tool for healing the self and others.

Paul Fraley has spent over 40 years researching Numerology and applying this discipline to help others. Paul will share his knowledge of Numerology with you so you learn to empower your relationships, improve your career, and enhance your life.
July 09, 2017 * July 23, 2017 * Aug 06, 2017
from 1 – 4pm
$150 for the three part series.

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