What Really Happens at Bowl Circle

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-Written by Jill Dixson

Terri Coddington sits behind seven bowls of various colors and starts to play, sweeping a soft wand around the inside of one bowl, then another. Beautiful tones fill the room and wrap around the participants who have gathered in the room, ready for the meditation. Terri plays each bowl, layering tone upon tone, with special emphasis on the bowls that resonate with the root, heart and crown chakras.

Terri’s alchemy bowls are special. They are made with quartz crystal combined with powdered gemstones and minerals. Why quartz crystal? Because the human body is crystalline in structure. When the tones from the crystal bowls interact with our body structure and positive thought energy (intention or prayer) generated during meditation, remarkable healing results. This is an alchemical reaction, thus the name ‘Alchemy’ Bowls.

When Terri plays the bowls, the tones resonate with the seven chakras or energy portals in the human body. The portals  are:

  • the root chakra, located at the base or the seat, often used in grounding the body;
  • the sacral chakra, located near the sexual glands,
  • the solar plexus, known as the power chakra,
  • the heart chakra, ruling love and compassion,
  • the throat chakra ruling communication,
  • the third eye, affecting psychic ability and connection to the higher self and
  • the crown chakra, which is the connection to the God source.

So… what really happens during one of these bowl circles. We have the crystalline bowls that are played and the beautiful tones are resonant with our bodies and our spirit. The tones heal and unblock the seven portals on the body, so that energy and light may pass from one chakra to the next, balancing our bodies. The real healing happens with our intention, which each participant places in the center of the circle before the meditation. Renee Brodie, author of the book, The Healing Tones of Crystal Bowls, writes “Perhaps because we are all unique vibratory beings, our chakras may all resonate to depending upon our level of development and intention. We can balance or activate chakras with intent alone. Any sound might be useful for chakra resonance when coupled with clear intention.”

Because the circle is composed of unique combinations of participants, each one is different … but a common thread appears as the participants report on their own personal experience. “I came here feeling depressed and tired, but after the circle, I feel refreshed, hopeful, energetic…”,says one woman. Almost all those at the circle report feeling rested and peaceful, in harmony with those around them. As Terri leads the group out of the meditation, the circle participants are hesitant to leave the momentary bliss that they have found at HeartSpace. The group is connected by the energy they shared during the session and this “community spirit” is demonstrated by the embraces that the individuals share before leaving.

If you’re interested in sharing this healing, energizing experience, come to HeartSpace, Saturdays from 5 -6:00 pm. Please join us!

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