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Crystal Tones Alchemy Crystal Bowl Sound Temple

HeartSpace is home to an authorized Temple for Crystal Tones Alchemy Crystal Bowls. We offer private sessions, bowl circles, and offer bowls for home use at an excellent price.  Learn more…


The Life Connection is a profoundly transformative modality that combines the Dominus Cervix crystal glass orbs and sacred geometry with the tones and vibrations of the encoded music of the Dominus Cervix meditation CD.


Hypnosis, a relaxed, focused state of concentration, is not a new modality of treatment. Under a variety of names, hypnosis has been known and utilized for millennia as a means of influencing human behavior.

Psychic Readings

HeartSpace has over 22 years providing customers with the best psychic readings.  Do you want to understand what Spirit has in store for you?  Contact us for a reading.

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We offer many other types of services.  Contact us to learn more!

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