Treasures and Gifts for your Heart and Soul

Are you looking for new age gifts, spiritual tools, or unique treasures? Here at HeartSpace, we have a variety of inspirational, one-of-a-kind pieces available for purchase. HeartSpace has one of the best selections of Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards in the region and also offers a vast variety of incense, Palo Santo, Sweet Grass and metaphysical clearing sprays. If you’re interested in adding a different type of scented flair to your home, we also offer a wide array of magical candles, candle holders, and a large selection of our own exclusive aromatherapeutic oils and blends. HeartSpace also has a vast collection of rare gemstones, crystals, and tumbled stones. Customers can feast their eyes on our exclusive artisan crafted jewelry and pendants, which can be purchased to match and flaunt their personal style. Some of the most prominent items in our inventory, HeartSpace also has a lovely spread of Crystal Tones Alchemy and classic frosted singing bowls. HeartSpace has something for everyone and even supports the community by showcasing local artists and craft makers. Inventory is updated weekly, so you’re guaranteed to find something you like, come to HeartSpace and see for yourself!

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